Nyheder om SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey is a small technological revolution that converts a simple video taken on a mobile phone into a complex 3D point cloud. We keep you updated with the latest news to ensure you get the best experience with SmartSurvey.

IT34 makes it possible

Newsletter, 10.11.2023

During the summer, we updated the SmartSurvey app and revamped our entire data processing system. We have rewritten our backend and made significant changes to the way we display SmartSurvey data. All to ensure the reliability of your data and to enhance your user experience of SmartSurvey.

What's new?

We have been listening to our client’s feedback and have implemented significant changes to the way our app connects and utilizes the Trimble Catalyst DA2 antenna. Our focus has been on enhancing connection stability and providing feedback that is more comprehensive during data acquisition. These efforts aims to increase the reliability of the SmartSurvey acquisition platform.

After you have successfully acquired your data and uploaded it to our server for processing, we engage in a thorough data processing procedure. We have completely rewritten the way data is handled and processed to ensure faster, more reliable and stable data processing.

On our online platform, PointView®, we have introduced two innovative tools specifically designed for precise volume measurement and pipeline diameter assessment.

In addition to the mentioned improvements, we have laid the foundation for an array of exciting new features scheduled for release in the upcoming months.