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We have 30 years of experience in the design, operation and implementation of IT infrastructure, which we have combined with 50 years of experience in geographic data, systems and registers. Therefore, we can deliver unique solutions in a user-friendly format, along with the infrastructure, software and support you need.

IT34 makes it possible
Who is IT34? About us
About IT34

Frank Rasmussen, Business Manager, CTO:

“When you combine hardcore development skills, IT skills and GIS skills, something really exciting happens. Our expertise in geographical data is the background. The needs of our users are the driving force. And with our IT skills, new, meaningful holistic solutions become possible.”


IT34 unites IT infrastructure, consulting and development in one place. From support and hosting to sourcing and contract negotiation. From development and UX to security and antivirus. And from GIS and CAD solutions to networks and servers. Our specialists cover it all.

Strong roots

We are the digital twin of surveying consultancy LE34. Young yet experienced. We carry the legacy of geographic data, register data and GIS and have created a unique hybrid with IT and development competencies at the forefront.

Better together

We believe that the best solutions arise when we work across disciplines and know how to utilize each other’s expertise. IT34 has emerged as a natural response to the potential of our roots in geodata, data collection and GIS.

The result is a full-service solution that includes everything from coding and programming to hardware sourcing, hosting and support. This way, our customers avoid gaps in their setup and we can deliver a seamless performance from first idea to implemented solution.


Who is IT34?
what is IT34?

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that our profession and privileges obligate us to contribute where we can. Therefore, we aim to identify areas where our solutions and experience can help combat the challenges of the world. Most recently, our app FieldGIS is involved in a project in Tema in Ghana, where the app is used to register and map wells and sewers. These data form the basis for a renovation and expansion of the sewer system, which will protect the population against disease, floods and environmental consequences. Naturally, IT34 hosts the collected data on the project.


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Frank Rasmussen
Business Manager, CTO


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