Work with us, not for us. IT34 develops intelligent, innovative digital solutions to complex problems. This is made possible because we work together and utilize each other’s strengths.

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Innovation, disruption and development are our everyday lives. It requires tough discipline and towering professionalism. Therefore, we expect you to be ambitious and sharp; collaborative and disciplined. If this sounds like you, we would like to hear from you.

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Work with us - not for us

Good employees usually have one thing in common: Good leaders. That is why we work with leadership training, project management and team management. It creates job satisfaction, results and direction.

We collaborate with the universities every year and consider it a natural part of our processes to include PhD or master’s students in our projects. We work in teams and focus on goals and results, not hierarchy and titles.

Work-life balance

We believe that the right balance between responsibility, influence and competencies creates a working life that is exciting, developing and motivating. When we achieve this balance, we can also be present in our lives and enjoy our time off. This is a crucial point in work-life balance.

In addition, since our offices are located throughout the country, we can offer great flexibility in relation to where you perform your tasks. Great colleagues is a certainty regardless of office location – then it is up to you to decide which location best suits your logistics.


Talent development

We believe that talented people are motivated by high professional standards. And, above all, we believe that nothing short of the best professional quality will do.

Nevertheless, there are individuals who stand out and become role models – for instance, by having a particularly high level of expertise, by having the personal qualities needed to motivate and lead, or by their distinct business acumen. We would like to give this special potential the best conditions at IT34, so that no-one is overlooked or forgotten. For this reason, we have structured our talent development programme.

Our talent programme does not exclude everyone else from developing. It is about spotting who is on the right shelf, and is comfortable there, and who should be working towards a new role.

Students and interns

We love getting to know the next generation of developers. Therefore, we prioritize being able to accommodate inquiries about internships or projects with us and collaborate with the universities on both PhD and master’s theses.

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We are very grateful for each application we receive. However, please note that we receive so many, that we are only able to consider those received via the right channel. We expect candidates who apply to use the link below.

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