IT34 makes it possible

IT34 is built on a vision of creating connections. Between data, users and solutions. Because if it connects with the users, it connects with businesses. And IT makes it possible.

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IT34 makes it possible

SmartSurvey revolutionizes surveying

SmartSurvey is a small technological revolution where simple video from a mobile phone is converted into a complex 3D point cloud that ensures the digital overview.

SmartSurvey transforms your phone into a 3D scanner

Automatic LER-response for underground cable owners

AutoLER is an easy and intuitive tool that both meets the LER 2.0 legal requirements and at the same time gives you and others the necessary knowledge about your underground cables.

Frank Rasmussen, Business Manager, CTO

“We are the digital twin of surveying consultancy LE34. Young yet experienced. We carry the legacy of mapping data, register data and GIS and have created a unique hybrid with IT and development competencies at the forefront.”


Vulnerability test: Know your digital security level

Imagine a lightning-fast test that scans and identifies gaps in your IT systems. SafeGuard scans for vulnerable systems that are open to attack and pose a risk to the corporate network. If the vulnerability test can find holes, so can a hacker.


IT infrastructure, consulting and development all in one place.

IT support, hosting or customised app? We have united IT infrastructure, consulting and development in one place.

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