SmartSurvey transforms your phone into a 3D scanner


SmartSurvey is a small technological revolution that converts a simple video taken on a mobile phone into a complex 3D point cloud. It is faster, less expensive and better than conventional surveying methods and provides future-proof documentation.

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SmartSurvey is easy to use and enables the staff of utilities and construction companies to collect survey data themselves – no need to wait for the land surveyor. All you need is an ordinary mobile phone.

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Torben Petersen, department manager, Water Distribution, Novafos

”We believe the app has great potential to improve many of our daily work processes. So far, we’ve tested the technology by surveying more than 800 utilities excavations – each site was documented with 3D models, and the information in the point cloud is unique.”

SmartSurvey ensures a digital overview, now and in the future

A point cloud completely replaces conventional survey documentation. It provides a high degree of accuracy and meets all future requirements for use. And the point cloud is a good choice for the long term. Contrary to conventional surveys, which produce much less data, it will be usable in many future digitalisation contexts. Data from the point cloud have the accuracy necessary for integration with your own utilities registration system as well as the Danish Register of Underground Cable Owners (LER 2.0).

SmartSurvey prevents errors and delays

We deliver your 3D point cloud to the PointView® web viewer within an hour. You can then use the viewer to navigate easily and intuitively within the point cloud. You can see x, y and z coordinates for all points, perform surveys, view cross sections and select sections directly from your computer.

This fast track from survey to digital overview is a small revolution in the way technical documentation is processed. It enables you to size up the situation in the digital twin, from the comfort of your own office and on the same day as the excavation is backfilled. You can access the data at any time and see what is hidden below ground – with no unknowns.

We’ve made it easy to get started

It only takes ten minutes to set up and start using the SmartSurvey app. And the process after taking the video is also easy: IT34 processes the data and provides a 3D point cloud for you to work on.

SmartSurvey was developed with the active involvement of users

We have been supplying the utilities industry with customised services and products for decades. It was therefore a natural step for us to find a solution to the challenge utilities companies face in acute situations, and enable them to collect comprehensive documentation in a single work process without having to wait for a land surveyor.

We conducted a development project in collaboration with Vandpartner and Aarhus Vand A/S, and Novafos performed the final round of tests. Together, with the help of video input, we surveyed more than 7,000 utilities trenches and excavations, and IT34 has now collected all of the data and fine-tuned the technology. These efforts resulted in the SmartSurvey app, which you can now download free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Unique, improved work flow in the field

Being able to use SmartSurvey to gather their own data in the field is of huge benefit to utilities companies and earth-moving contractors. For example, they can deal with acute problems such as a ruptured pipeline much faster because it is quick and easy to gather comprehensive documentation, enabling them to reinstate the utilities trench in a single work process instead of having to wait for a survey. The radical improvement this innovation brings to the work flow in the field is definitely noticeable.

What does it cost?

The app is free, and you only pay for the scans we process. The more scans you need, the lower the cost of each scan. The first three scans are processed free of charge. Contact us today to hear how easy it is to get started. 

SmartSurvey Demo link

Live demo point cloud

See and navigate into SmartSurvey scan of an excavation pit for a water utility installation on our PointView® platform.

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SmartSurvey Demo link

Live demo point cloud

See the abundance of information from a SmartSurvey scan of an excavation pit for a water utility installation on our PointView® platform.

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SmartSurvey Demo link

Live demo point cloud

Play around with the elongated model from a SmartSurvey scan of an excavation pit for electric car charging installation on our PointView® platform.

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Kim Baltzer Kallestrup, project manager, Plan and Project, Aarhus Water Supply

“The app has enabled us to make radical changes to our work processes in the field. Excavations, for instance, can be completed in a single work process, and we don’t have to stop half way to wait for a land surveyor. It’s particularly useful when we have a ruptured pipeline or are working on branch connections. And we also obtain unique documentation of the conditions in the field”

Kim Baltzer Kallestrup, project manager, Plan and Project, Aarhus Water Supply

“We are convinced by the app and expect great things from the associated visualisation platform PointView®. We can already see that our partners in Vandpartner are very interested in using the app, and we expect it to ensure even smoother and more efficient collaboration with contractors and consultants.”

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