Next generation utilities network management: VA-banken©

A whole new level of utilities registration: VA-banken© is a complete utilities network management system. Sønderborg Forsyning is one of the many utilities companies now using this new system – learn more about their experiences.

IT34 makes it possible


  • Sønderborg Utility Company


  • 2019


  • VA-banken© | Utilities network management system
  • GIS
  • AutoLER | Automatic response to the Danish Register of Underground Cable Owners (LER)
  • Data processing
  • Project Management
  • Support

The utilities company in Sønderborg needed a professional system able to meet all of their requirements, without breaking the bank. VA-banken© is the answer.

VA-banken© gath­ers all func­tions in a single sys­tem

When Sønderborg Forsyning began their search for a new system for registering underground utilities and displaying the data to their employees, they were still working in the same way as many other utilities companies – using a broad spectrum of programs to manage, plan and carry out maintenance on utilities and systems. Their various teams had numerous different solutions for viewing data about the utilities network, with a variety of graphical representations, and they only had access to a limited amount of the utilities’ data.

To cut a long story short, Sønderborg Forsyning needed a program specifically tailored to the requirements of the utilities industry. VA-banken© was the answer to their need.

VA-banken works on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, collects data on all utility types, and combines utilities registration and GIS in a single system. We call it Denmark’s best utilities network management system.

Bjørn Jacobsen, Project Manager and GIS Coordinator, Sønderborg Utility Company

“As a utilities company, we can highly recommend it. VA-banken© is an all-round utilities registration system. It manages operational and communication tasks, and it coordinates internal activities associated with nodes and cables – all in the same program.”

Bjørn Jacobsen, Project Manager and GIS Coordinator, Sønderborg Utility Company

“The good service and great help from IT34’s support team made it easy for us to switch to VA-banken©.”