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Road Surface Inspector is intelligent software that turns simple video from a smartphone into a digital overview of the condition of the road network. It’s faster, cheaper and better than traditional road inspection, and it provides a world of road data that makes it easy to prioritize maintenance.

IT34 makes it possible

Road Surface Inspector is an easy-to-use operational tool developed for professional road management to simplify the time-consuming process of road inspection and maintenance.

Digital road inspection reduce errors

On a daily basis, road owners across the country are faced with the complex task of monitoring and maintaining the road network, where a representative from the road administration drives through the road network, checking the condition of the roads along the way and then manually recording each damage back at the office. This is a time-consuming method with the risk of overlooking and costly errors.

With Road Surface Inspector, the driver can concentrate on driving while the intelligent app captures and records all damage on the road network.

Easy, safe and efficient.

Better prioritize and plan maintenance

Road Surface Inspector detects everything from damage, cracks and potholes to subsidence and highlights the difference between damage types with color-coded maps and at-a-glance images of the roads, ready for when the drive is complete. The app’s intelligent software calculates repair costs, making it easier to prioritize and plan the order in which road damage is repaired. This saves time and money and increases your road capital.

A world of road data

Digitization of road inspections and main inspections makes the otherwise advanced data collection clear and easy for road engineers, municipal material yards and other road managers. It is also a visual and fact-based tool to report the condition of the roads.

Intelligent software that gets to know the road network

From the office, operations staff can analyze the app’s registrations, identify acute damages and re-register a damage if necessary. The app’s software remembers what the operator register, so it does not record the same damage twice, nor does it record damage that the operator has marked as being under repair.

Less documentation, more effective workflows

With Road Surface Inspector, road operation documentation becomes easier as analog documentation processes are replaced by digital ones that streamline workflows. Quite simply, that is what the app does: simplifies the road owner’s process for inspecting public and private roads.

Peter Hagesø, Business Consultant, IT34:

“When you combine hardcore development skills, IT skills and GIS skills, new and meaningful holistic solutions are created. Road Surface Inspector improves operations for road owners by digitizing the inspection and management of road assets, as well as documentation for insurance and reporting.”

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