Significant changes in SmartSurvey

We are delighted to present the most recent updates to the SmartSurvey platform. In this issue, we will shine a spotlight on the advanced features and recent enhancements that we have introduced.

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Newsletter, 10.11.2023

During the summer, we updated the SmartSurvey app and revamped our entire data processing system. We have rewritten our backend and made significant changes to the way we display SmartSurvey data. All to ensure the reliability of your data and to enhance your user experience of SmartSurvey.

What's new?

We have been listening to our client’s feedback and have implemented significant changes to the way our app connects and utilizes the Trimble Catalyst DA2 antenna. Our focus has been on enhancing connection stability and providing feedback that is more comprehensive during data acquisition. These efforts aims to increase the reliability of the SmartSurvey acquisition platform.

After you have successfully acquired your data and uploaded it to our server for processing, we engage in a thorough data processing procedure. We have completely rewritten the way data is handled and processed to ensure faster, more reliable and stable data processing.

On our online platform, PointView®, we have introduced two innovative tools specifically designed for precise volume measurement and pipeline diameter assessment.

In addition to the mentioned improvements, we have laid the foundation for an array of exciting new features scheduled for release in the upcoming months.

Med den nye opdatering af SmartSurvey er det muligt at lave registrering og digitalisering direkte i punktskyen medbrug af egen kodetabel.

New feature: Calculate the radius and the diameter of any pipeline directly in SmartSurvey

As you may know, SmartSurvey seamlessly integrates with PointView®, and our commitment to continually enhancing its utility remains steadfast. In line with this dedication, our latest release introduces a user-friendly tool for effortless extraction of radius and diameter measurements requiring just four simple clicks to achieve this task.

New feature: Digitize an area and we calculate the volume directly in SmartSurvey

This feature has consistently ranked among the most sought-after functionalities by our users, and we are pleased to announce its implementation. The upcoming version promises further enhancements, but the current iteration already offers exceptional ease of use for extracting volume data from any section within a point cloud. In the event, that the desired area is not accurately captured, users can effortlessly adjust the point positions and trigger a "re-calculate" command, leading to an automatic update of the volume calculation. We are actively exploring opportunities for the seamless integration of this feature into automated processes.

Special features with SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey aims to offer an effortless method for creating a highly precise digital twin of utility trenches. By capturing a simple video recording with your mobile phone, SmartSurvey generates comprehensive documentation of the area. All the images from the video file are readily available for detailed, inspection.

SmartSurvey is adaptable for various applications, depending on your requirements for accuracy. The decision regarding which acquisition type to use, and thus the level of precision you desire, is entirely in your hands.

Our forthcoming updates will build upon these improvements, enhancing usability.

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Rasmus Lindeneg Johansen

IT Project Manager / Chartered Land Surveyor
IT34 Aarhus